We always advise our customers to combine our weight loss products, such as Garcinia Cambogia or Raspberry Ketone, with a healthy diet and a non- sedentary lifestyle. These three factors potentiate your main goal: lose weight in a healthy way.

However, there are some foods that help more than others by decreasing the appetite throughout the day or increase your metabolism.

1. Eggs


Extraordinary protein source that help you feel fuller. A recent study with 30 women overweight shows that those who ate two scrambled eggs and fruit with fewer calories eat less food within the next 36 hours. Other research has shown that the protein may also prevent spikes in blood sugar.

2. Beans


Probably you never heard of cholecystokinin , but it can be one of your best friends to lose weight. This hormone is a natural appetite suppressant. Researchers at the University of California show that this hormone is present in beans. A study of eight men conclude that their levels of cholecystokinin ( which may work by keeping food in the stomach for a longer period) were twice as high after a meal containing beans than after a poor meal in fiber containing rice and milk powder. There is also some evidence that beans keep blood sugar in balance, so you can stave off hunger longer.

3. Salad


Do you tend to fill up on meals? Control calorie intake, starting with a salad. A study at Penn State University with 42 women found that those who ate a big salad consumed 12% less in the next meal. As a bonus for your health : a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that people who ate a salad with sauce had higher levels of vitamins C and E , folic acid, lycopene and carotenoids.

4. Olive oil

Olive Oil

Fight middle age pounds can be difficult, but the extra virgin olive oil can help. The monounsaturated fat will help you burn calories. In an Australian study, 12 postmenopausal women (ages 57-73) took a breakfast cereal with a mixture of cream and skimmed milk, another group ate olive oil and cereal mixed with skim milk. In the group who ate the muesli with olive oil there was an increase in metabolism. Do not forget to add olive oil to your salads!

5. Nuts


Yes, they have calorie! But a research at Purdue University found that when a group of 15 people with normal weight added about 500 calories in dried fruit to your regular diet, consumed less in the following meals. Participants also accelerated metabolism by 11%, which means that they burn more calories. And as health bonus, nuts are a good source of omega 3.

6. Peppers


It can be difficult eat them on a regular basis. But for those who enjoy more intense flavors, this food can help to lose weight. According to a Japanese study, 13 women who ate foods for breakfast with red pepper ate less at lunch. The magic ingredient may be capsaicin, which helps suppress appetite.