Raspberry Ketone

To get a good result with Raspberry Ketone, as well as other weight loss programs, the first step is to set a realistic goal you want to achieve.

Very high objectives are difficult to achieve and quickly lead to discomfort and therefore to abandon the program in its early stages. In some cases, people find comfort in food when face of a perceived failure, gaining weight instead of losing it.

There are many diets and many plans to lose weight, but in essence, this type of process consists in two factors: balancing the number of calories consumed with the number of calories burned by the body.

First, we need to reduce the calories consumed in a daily basis, maintaining a healthy and complete meal (find some foods that help you lose weight) but preferably choosing foods with a lower fat content and a higher percentage of protein.

The second goal can be achieved through exercise activity, accompanied by taking a weight loss pills such as Raspberry Ketone, which helps to increase metabolism.

Besides that, there are some complementary factors that help to improve this process: drink plenty of water per day and, in the case of constipation, take a product to regulate the bowel transit.


Raspberry Ketone, effects and benefits

“The Raspberry Ketone helps prevent obesity and activates the metabolism of lipids, increasing lipolysis.”
Department of Medical Biochemistry, Ehime University, Japan, 2006

Raspberry Ketone is an extract of Red Raspberry, which helps the body burn excess fat. It acts on our body by increasing the production of a specific hormone (adiponectin) that controls the levels of fat in the body.

The naturally lean people have high levels of this hormone, while overweight people have lower levels.

Raspberry Ketone makes our body produce this hormone in higher amounts, inducing a faster metabolism of fats. This implies that the fat cells burn stored fat and not returns to store them.

Adapted to all kinds of people and bodies, Dr. OZ defined Raspberry Ketone as “The Miracle pill for weight reduction.”


For best results

1. Choose a raspberry ketone extract with a high content of ketones such as Raspberry Ketone Ultra+ Pure, which contains 98% of ketones.

2. Define your weight loss goals and track the evolution of your weight.

3. Keep taking the supplement with a regular exercise activity.

4. Cut calories: fats, excess carbohydrates, alcohol and desserts.